Hello, Im Sherry

Thank you and welcome to my blog. This blog is for anyone who loves to cook and a place of recipes resources.

I love to cook, but I haven’t always. In fact, for most of my early adult life, cooking dinner usually meant microwaving a frozen dinner or adding boiling water to something that came from a box. It wasn’t until I got married that I started eating real food because I married a guy who cooks. I started joining him in the kitchen and realized that cooking could be fun. Eating real food was really fun. And gaining confidence as a home chef? That was life changing!

If you tried one of my recipes or techniques and loved it (or even if you didn’t), let me know. Also, feel free to share any of my recipes, posts or photos, but just be sure to credit my blog and mention that you found it here first. I do my best to give credit to my sources as well.

The best way to stay connected is to simply follow my blog so you’ll get an email whenever there’s a new post. Now, let’s go have some fun in the kitchen!